Wheat Varieties

CDC Landmark VB

CDC Landmark VB is the first semi-dwarf with midge tolerance.  It brings the high yield normally associated with a midge tolerant variety along with vastly improved standability, high test weight and protein content.  As an added bonus, it has a semi-solid stem for improved sawfly tolerance. 

AAC Viewfield

AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS and  stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. It’s a  top yielder with good resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and  sprouting. AAC Viewfield is a stand-up bet for all areas of Western  Canada..

AAC Awesome VB

AAC Awesome VB is a midge tolerant special purpose wheat. Soft white kernel type with high yield potential and excellent straw strength. Expected to be ideal for silage production. 

AAC Wheatland VB

AAC Wheatland VB is a semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and excellent straw strength, plus it’s tolerant to the Orange wheat blossom midge.

AAC Hodge VB

AAC Hodge VB is a NEW midge tolerant CWRS that will set new yield expectations for the Western Canadian grower. This variety was the highest yielding CWRS ever to be registered to date. Extremely strong standability and an exceptional disease package including an ‘MR’ for FHB and ‘R’ for all other priority one diseases. This variety has high performance with high yields and high levels of protection.