Seed Treatments Available

Raxil Pro Shield

Not only does Raxil® PRO SHIELD provide all the same early-season establishment and disease protection benefits of Raxil PRO, it also gives you the added power of Stress Shield® to control wireworms and provide additional plant health benefits to help protect against unforeseen seasonal stresses.

Raxil Pro

With three different fungicide actives, Raxil® PRO provides everything you need to maximize your cereal crop’s potential. In addition to superior disease protection from the most dangerous seed- and soil-borne diseases like true loose smut and Fusarium graminearum, you also get a stronger, faster emergence to help your field get the head start it needs to reach its maximum yield potential and superior quality.

Trilex Evergol

Trilex® EverGol® fungicide seed treatment lets you control how you want to treat your seed and protect your crop. With exceptional flexibility and disease protection, applicators and growers can reap the rewards of its concentrated formula to adjust water volumes and optimize coverage.

For immediate protection against early-season insects, Cruiser® 5FS seed treatment insecticide helps optimize seeding rates by protecting every seed to ensure plant establishment. Cruiser is easy to use and conveniently delivered on the seed, eliminating the need for any additional handling.

Offering broad-spectrum control against the most significant early-season seed- and soil-borne diseases, Vibrance®Maxx seed treatment delivers the protection your soybeans and pulses need so they can focus on growing healthy and strong. Vibrance Maxx. Because your crop deserves the best possible start.