Barley Varieties

AB BrewNet Barley

AB BrewNet is the new high-yielding malt variety from SeedNet Inc that doesn’t sacrifice any yield, making it a high-performing feed option as well.  Test results show yield potential equal to or greater than that of AAC Synergy and with an unprecedented disease package that includes an MR rating for FHB as well as for smut and scalds.  AB BrewNetlooks to be a game-changer in high production situations.

AAC Synergy - 2 Malt Barley

AAC Synergy sets a new yield standard for 2-row malt barley in Western Canada. A favourable quality profile that includes relatively low protein with high plump, high extract and low beta-glucan levels, complementing a good foliar disease package. AAC Synergycombines great yield potential with favourable quality for the malt market.

AAC Austenson - 2 Row Feed

Two-row feed barley with top-grain yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size and plumpness. Particularly well suited to producers seeking a top-yielding 2-row feed barley with improved performance over Xena. Well adapted across western Canada.

Sirish -2 Row Malt

Sirish is a short, strong standing two-row barley with low protein and a unique quality profile well-suited to the craft brewing market.  It has very good yield potential and harvestability, and great straw management for feed or malt producers.

AB Prime - 2 Row Feed

AB Prime Barley is two-row barley with great standability and very high yields. This new barley was the highest yielder in the 2020 Manitoba trials. 

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