Barley Varieties

AB BrewNet Barley

AB BrewNet is a high-yielding, two-row malting barley from SeedNet.  Test results show yield potential is high, making it a high-performing feed option as well.  AB BrewNet has an unprecedented disease package that includes an MR rating for smut and scalds.

CDC Austenson - 2 Row Feed

CDC Austenson is a two-row hulled feed barley with top grain yield and short, strong straw.  CDC Austenson produces high grain yields along with high test weight and large, plump kernels.  This variety has shown improved resistance to prevalent races of net form net blotch and spot blotch.  Well adapted across western Canada.

Sirish - 2 Row Malt

Sirish is a two-row barley with very good yield potential, short plant height and excellent standability.  It is a low protein variety and has a unique quality profile well suited to craft brewing markets.  Sirish’s plant height and structure offer great harvestability and easy straw management for both feed and malt producers

AB Prime - 2 Row Feed

AB Prime is a two-row barley with great standability and very high yields.  AB Prime has good lodging resistance, medium maturity and high protein.

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